Afrobeats Barcelona Festival

Afrobeats lands in Barcelona for the first time in a festival format, bringing the culture and the rhythm of Fela Kuti’s “Afrobeat” with the electronic sounds of the new AfrobeatS generation and other beats of Africa. Promotional video: Live: Ogun Afrobeat DE9 Momi Maiga Denatora Makuriya Alma Afrobeat Ensemble… Continue Reading

Tiwa Savage interviewed on Ebro show

Tiwa savage interviewed on Ebro show, the world most famous radio show. while he premiered Tiwa’s new single Lova Lova, Ebro asked Tiwa: what is Lova Lova all about? – Its about a girl telling a guy, I am ready to do what ever you want in the bedroom in the kitchen, but don’t just see… Continue Reading

Diddy signs Wizkid

Diddy signs Wizkid. aAccording to Wizkid statement on instagram Diddy is now his executive producer as he is now the new face of Ciroc. Afrobeat to the world.  

Davido shows off his car garage

Cars and jewelries are good signs of how good a genre is doing, and we can tell that Afrobeat and Naija music is doing great as Davido shows off his car garage, after his 2018 Bentley Bentayga lands in Lagos.  

DE9 getting a tattoo of Fela

DE9 started the commemoration of Fela a week before the actual date the afrobeat legend left for eternity. He shared a 5 years old clip of him getting a tattoo of Fela with some past speech of the legend calling for unity in Nigeria. United we stand, divided we fall  #LongLiveTheKing.

Dolce Gabbana endorses Tiwa Savage son

Afrobeat movement is on the rise, prove of it is that most trademarks are trying to be part of the Naija music movement. Stefano Gabbana endorses Afrobeats queen Tiwa Savage son “Jam Jam” to the Dolce Gabbana Family.  

Ahmed Musa Goal is nominated

Ahmed Musa Goal is nominated as one the best goals during the World Cup Russia 2018. Musa issa goal SuperEagles issa goal Naija issa goal